Space Saving D-Sub Connectors for I/O

E-Mark proudly introduces a new series of space-saving D-Sub connectors designed for I/O applications. Designers wishing to maximize PCB space now have additional choices.

A wide variety of D-Sub types are available in half pitch, high density and standard pinouts in compact and ultra-thin designs. Through hole and SMT types are offered allowing the designer great flexibility in configuring PCBs and front panels. As an illustration, comparing volume, E-Mark's 25 contact D-Sub female consumes only 28% of the volume required by standard D-Sub females!

Delivery ranges from stock to 4 weeks ARO. Respondents to this press release will receive a catalog and sample D-Sub. Inquirers can also receive information by contacting the company through its web site,, or by calling its toll free telephone number, (800) 831-5383.