Extended Length Insulated Test Point Loops

E-Mark's test point range now includes eight colors of their popular through-hole, insulated test points with extended leads suitable for .052" (1.32 mm) diameter holes in .093" (2.38 mm) thick PCBs. The unique curve of the leads prevents damage to plated-through holes while securely retaining the test point prior to soldering.

The colored glass insulators and phosphor bronze spring clips of these test points allow for working temperatures of up to 475° C and resist damage by contact with hot components or soldering irons. A solder tinned finish and a generous looped top enable secure attachment to the PCB and easy pickup by scope probes.

Delivery is from stock and no-charge samples are available by contacting the company through its web site, www.e-markinc.com, or by calling its toll free phone number, (800) 831-5383.