Modular Barrier Blocks With Integral Cover Increase Safety

E-Mark's C3 and C4 Series of barrier blocks have been designed with unique, integral protective covers which, even when closed, enable operation of each position while making the assembly inherently safer.

This series of barrier blocks is available in either 0.3" or .375" pitch and either two or three pole versions. Two and three pole segments can be linked together by means of dovetail joints to form longer lengths and a tri-barrier version is also available.

Current carrying capacity of these barrier strips is 15A per pole @ 300 VAC. The tin plated brass terminals are capable of accepting 14 to 22 AWG wire and the green or black bodies are molded of polyamide 66 rated UL94V-0.

Delivery ranges from stock to 4 weeks ARO and catalog information is available by contacting the company through its web site,, or by calling its toll free telephone number, (800) 831-5383.